Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thank You....Last Post from Shell Seeker

First of all, I want to thank all of you for your prayers and financial help in getting this move paid for. God's blessings and generosity of your hearts provided just what was needed plus a bit more to pay for the trip out. Thank you all so very much. My things are in storage in Lubbock as of last Thursday.
A Few Memories of My Last Days in Playa Azul
I am in Lubbock and not sure how I got here. It seems like a blur. I drove away from my home and friends on the 16th of October. I was so glad my buddy Rosy went with me to Mexico City. She just happened to have an emergency Dr. appointment the next day. Coincidence? I don't think so. That would have been a terrible trip to have had to make by myself. God is good! I left Bernard, Alicia and Logan Krogsgaard to carry on in my place in Playa Azul. They will do a great job.

Oh by the way this is my name sake Osiris Belinda Landa Romero. You know that you have loved with your heart and have been loved the same when a child is named after you.

I drove out the 23rd of October following Jacob and Amanda and the kids. Adah and Noah did great as did Zeke and Phoebe, (our two German Shepherd dogs). We arrived in Laredo, Texas, Thursday evening and crossed the border without any problems. Our God is good! Friday we went our separate ways. I continued on to Lubbock and the Hendersons went on to Austin. They attended the Texas vs O.U. game. (Noah's first tooth came through during that game.) I made those long hours of driving just fine. God is good!
Last Sunday in Lazaro Cardenas

Last Days With The Benito Juarez Congregation in Mexico City

I am so grateful for the adventure that God sent us on in 1987. It is over and the reality of that has been so hard. I still do not understand why I had to leave but I do not have to understand. God is in control and I have complete trust in him.
This will be the last post from Shell Seeker. It has been good but it is time to move on. The prayers that have been offered to God on my behalf and my family are the reason that I can sit here tonight and finish up this blog. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
A new blog is in the making... La Pistolera/Gunslinger...

May God's richest blessings fall upon each of you in ways that you have never thought of.



sj said... heart just aches with yours. I love your, I love the truth of your words...I don't have to understand...that is so true and we both know ones who have bogged down in life,in relationship with the Lord on this part of our journey in not moving out or moving on until they think they understand...God did not call us to understand Him...He has just called us to obey. You have seen the Cloud move and you have moved forward...thank you for the example of HARD obedience. So often it is easy for us to think about what we are missing out on in a difficult move...we probably need to ponder more what we might being saved from! One of the many things you know for sure is that over the last year or so of your all of your life... the God you went to Mexico to serve has not been surprised by the events of any one day. He is in control and He is not without a plan...a plan that involves you, you, you!!! Through you pain, heartache and frustration continue to journey closer in to Him and He will make it clear...He will make it clear...He will make it clear. He is not the God of confusion but the God of order and of peace. I pray that soon the fog begins to clear, emotions sort out and burdens lift. Love and blessing...

Toni Burns said...

Belinda, your family has touched so many lives here in Mexico as was seen by the small representation of the lives you have changed in the video. You are loved and I hope you keep seeing the rich blessings of God in your life, He has truly blessed you. Give your family our love. Look forward to hearing from you on your new blog and seeing what the next chapter in your life holds.

The Gearharts said...

Belinda I feel sad with you and excited for you. You have used by God in Mexico. You have blessed and been blessed. You are a rare woman. I know few that come close to the gifting that you have. You are a lover of people, an artist, a dreamer, and a woman that knows the need for prayer. You are a warrior. You are here with your family in the same town. I believe God is about to bring something amazing to you. You are the shepherdess in your family. I am glad you can be here with them. We love you.

LaPistolera said...

Today I have felt a great sense of peace. I know God has a plan. I am just waiting. Abraham Lincoln said that man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be. I will be content today and be at peace. Thank you for your words of love and encouragement.

James Henderson said...

I've enjoyed keeping up with you through your blog. I'm looking forward to "La Pistolera". We're glad that you're here, and that we'll get to see you a little more.