Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beach Living...It Ain't What You Think!

Welcome To My World
This is my first post for my new blog spot. As most of you know we now live on the Pacific coast in a little town called Playa Azul. It is located just north of Lázaro Cárdenas. We made the final move here in May. It has been a dream of Billy's for a long time to live on the coast. I must say at this point in the move that I am finding it a bit difficult to adjust to the changes. In Lubbock you have to learn to battle the dust...Mexico City the smog... and here it is the constant ocean breeze and bugs. The breeze is filled with salt; therefore, everything that is metal rusts and anything that is glass is constantly covered with the salt. The bugs, ants, and, mosquitoes are a world unto themselves. I left the windows down on the car to air it out and forgot to close them later. Hundreds of mosquitoes filled the floorboard. The companies that sell bug repellent are making a killing.... that must be an oxymoron. Oh, and the geckos or kissing lizards, as they are called because of the noise they make, are a real nuisance. Most folks count them as a blessing due to the fact that they eat insects. Not me... I hate them! They leave their poop everywhere. It reminds me of mice droppings, and I have not noticed that they make any difference in the amount of insects that are in the house.

Geckos are small to average sized lizards belonging to the family Gekkonidae which are found in warm climates throughout the world. Geckos are unique among lizards in their vocalizations, making chirping sounds in social interactions with other geckos. The name stems from the Malay word gekoq, imitiative of its cry. Geckos are unusual in other respects as well. Most geckos have no eyelids and instead have a transparent membrane which they lick to clean. (Yuck!) (Online Winnipeg Dictionary, geckos.)
Besides all of that it has been raining for days, and the house we have rented is like a sieve upstairs. I have buckets trying to catch all of the water. At least the tile and cement floors are not affected by the water, except they become very, very slick. Adah fell several times when she was here.

We have coconut trees in the yard. Did you know that more people are killed by falling coconuts than by shark attacks? It is true. So I had someone come to cut the ripe coconuts before Adah and Noah came to visit. This guy, no bigger than a gecko (hahaha), shimmied up the tree with only a rope and a machete. In no time at all he had eliminated the possibility of a sudden death from falling coconuts.

Culture Shock
If any of you are wondering why Belinda is so funny (hahaha) negative, it is because I am in the middle of full-blown culture shock. I came to realize this while writing this blog. So bear with me while I work my way through this not so new phenomena. This shouldn't be happening to me. I have lived in this country 20 years, but never before at the edge of the ocean.
There are great things about living here, the people for one. It reminds me a lot of where I grew up, a small community where everyone knows one another and people are eager to help you out in a tight spot, and I have had a few. There is no traffic, no smog, chickens cackling in the mornings, cows crossing the road; and small talk of the banana, coconut and mango orchards, what veterinarian to call, and just everyday life stuff. The best part will be when the time comes to share Jesus with these people. We are praying for the right opportunity to start a small group in our home in Playa Azul. Next Sunday we are planning a cookout to invite friends for fun and fish. What else do you cook when you live at the edge of the ocean?

Church Stuff

God has blessed the church in Lázaro Cárdenas with four new souls recently. Rigo and Jessica were the first ones. They are married with a little girl and are both architects who started their own firm several years ago. Recently an ex-business partner (a lawyer) stole all of their capital and made them out to be the hired help in the court of law, so to speak. They have suffered great financial duress, but God has used this to bring them into the kingdom. They are blessed and moving on. Today during worship they were asking for prayers to be a good influence on their construction workers. God is good.

Alejandra and Valeria were baptised two weeks ago. They are members of Pedro Marin's family. Valeria is his niece and the first one in her immediate family to give her life to Jesus. Alejandra is a part of the family but not blood related. She has two daughters of her own. Her life is hard as she is a single mom. She has been a great friend to me and an inspiration due to her strong faith.

Thanks you for your prayers and love. God is good and faithful to those who give their hearts completely to him. Blessings to all. Belinda


Lisa said...

I wish I could go shell seeking with you! I love you.

Carolyn said...


Loved your post - made us laugh and also praise God for the work He is sure to use you in. Know that we love you and are praying for you. Will you be at the retreat in November? Would love to give you a big hug.

Love you,

Brian said...

We love you Belinda.

-Brian, Amberlee, Madison, and Landon

sj said...


I am oh so happy to get to read your blog...I am sorry to report that your culture shock made me laugh out loud..I feel the exact same about the gecko's...I always felt that my shrill scream made them loose their appetite...the idea of moving to the coast is another thing all together...we will have to discuss on a privite email someday...I think I could do it if it weren't for the sand!!!!!

I love you dearly girl and think about you so very are a treasure! suzyj (cbw)

Erin Henderson said...

It's good to hear from you and about your new life on the coast. You guys are in our prayers. Glad to hear about the good things in the church there.
Love you,

Tammy said...

Belinda, Congrats on the move, sympathy about the culture shock and geckos. (I actually have a bathroom decorated in mother hates it and calls them geek-kos). We will be adding yours and Billies work to our Sunday night prayer groups' list and send our blessings from Oklahoma! Hugs from Broken Arrow, Tammy

Impact Houston said...

Good job with the blog. Keep it up. Hang in there with the new place. There are so many blessings to discover and enjoy. Just be ready. I'll be praying for you.

Toni Burns said...

Belinda, good to hear from you. As I was reading I thought to myself could she be going through culture shock and then you admitted it. I know if anyone can handle it you can. I can only imagine the scene of you walking though the house cursing at the geckos and insects. Please give Billy our love. Hope to see you in November - Toni

Dalit said...

Oh my... Lazaro sounds attractive!
The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!
What adorable kids!

we LOVE you!

LaPistolera said...

Thanks to all of you for leaving a post. It encourages me to keep on. I have found a way to deal with the lizards... sticky mouse trips. I am on a role with thm.

M. Brigham said...

I'm right there with you when it comes to the lizards and bugs. I know you will find a way to overcome their "invasion" of your home. It would be a big adjustment for me to live on the coast, but I figure it is soothing to hear the waves from the ocean...but I'm a "babbling brook" type of girl that loves the mountains. Home is what you make of it though, and I am sure you will make this one yours. I love you and pray for you often. I enjoyed the pictures of the kids. Thanks for sharing!

Lucy McDougle said...

Your blog is great. I love the colors. I will add you and Billy to my prayers. Has he gone through any culture shock yet? Your grandkids are so adorable. I loved looking at all their pictures on your slide show. I'll add your blog to mine so I can keep up with you all.
Peace be with you....

Eben said...

Sounds like your new home is quite the adjustment but I know that you are touching lives, you will do that wherever you are. I also heard that there is an old Arkansas (Gilbert to be exact) recipe for cooking lizards. I will send it to you some day. We are doing a float trip on the buffalo this spring, I will send you some pics.

James Henderson said...

We love you, Belinda. Hang in there with the choque cultural. Of course, you're in our prayers, and we love hearing the good news about the emerging church!


Abel said...

Tu Blog es fabuloso Belinda. Me encanta tu sentido del humor y ademas como ya conoci tu casa entiendo perfectamente tus comentarios de las lagartijas y los insectos. Recibe un beso y un abrazo de toda la familia Perez, ya sabes que te amamos mucho y seguimos orando por ti y Billy.

Alicia said...

Those are the cutes grandkids I've ever seen...Amanda looks so much like you. I know you are so very proud of your family!!! Please know that we pray for you, and especially Billy everyday. Our love, adirmation and respect has grown even more these past couple of weeks. Thank you for serving our God in your little corner of the world. I'm sorry the geakos are also located in the same corner of the world. Keep us in your prayers as we listen to God's calling for the next leg of our life's journey. Love Alicia

joe earl gore said...

Belinda: I had a great time reading your posting about your new envirement and living on the west coast of Mexico. Sounds a bit like me adjusting to Ark rural living after living in Cal. for over 50 yrs. I have been in contact with Billy: via the land line. I invited him to come visit and stay with me at my Hidden Springs Haven on Crow Mt.ARK. sometime when ya'll can. GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL THAT YA'LL DO TO SHARE SALVATION WORLWIDE. cuz: Joe Earl Gore

Jack Walker said...

Great blog. Understand your dislike of bugs and culture shock, but I LOVE gekos! We loved our time with you guys in Lazaro and are looking forward to being with you again.

LaPistolera said...

Thanks to all of you for leaving comments on the blog. I have come up with 3 solutinos for the geckos. Will be posted in the next blogg...coming soon.

Cheesetown said...

Wow...The beach sounds SOOOO nice right about now. I will be praying for you and the new work. I love you and miss you!!

Erik C.

Jessica Smith said...

Hi Belinda,
I don't know if you remember me or not...I was in AIM (2004-2005)and came to visit you and Billy on the annual AIM trip to Mexico city. I got to spend some time talking with you when we went into the city to do some cultural shopping, and I also gave you a letter of thanks before we left the country to return to Lubbock.

Anyway, I got your blogspot address from Terri. I have had you on my heart while I was on the field in France, and then very strongly at different times since then...especially this last month or so. I know you have made some changes in your life recently, all of which I don't know. But, I would like to stay in touch with you (if you want) and write back and forth when possible. I love and appreciate you, and thank the Lord for YOU.
In Him, Jessica Smith

Anonymous said...

Have fun on the beach love you all Mike