Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rain Rain and More Rain

God's Gifts That Came With The Rain

It rained here for two weeks without stopping. I have always loved the rain, but I must say that I became sick and tired of it. I moved my bed three times, and finally I got smart and left it where it was. Trips to the bathroom at night were tricky. Have you ever tried to maneuver around four very large plastic dishpans in the middle of the floor that are catching the water dripping off the light bulb, and you can't turn the light on because the thing is shorted out due to the rain? And Billy's shoes have all changed!

Henriette did a lot of damage to the roads. I went to Caleta de Campos to make reservations for some friends at some bungalows. One place in the highway was completely gone, and a gas truck that had tried to cross the muddy hole was completely sunk up to the axle. It was as if the bottom of the road had disappeared.

On Sunday there were helicopters all around Playa Azul, and later that day I found out they were there to airlift some folks out of their village. The river was out of its banks, and they had no way to escape the rising water.

Today the ocean was two distinct colors, brown and blue. The rivers empty into the sea, and the currents carry the mud to some invisible wall, and there it seems to rest until it settles.

Just a side note about coastal living... I went into the pantry/storage room to get the flour for something, and I noticed that there was mold on the top of the storage canaster. I opened it up, and it was full of black mold. I began to check other things, and the whole wheat flour was full of tiny, tiny ants; and the powder sugar was as hard as a rock. I was talking to a friend about this, and she told me, "well, you only buy what you need for the day." Most people here live from day to day and just buy what they will use that day. I either have a lot of changes to make, or I need to get a really big freezer.

My Old Dog Isaac Died September 12, 2007

Most of you who read this blog have meet Isaac at one time or another. He departed from this place a few weeks ago, and Zeke and I are really sad. He was a good dog, and he loved to bite. He was like me, finding it a bit difficult to adjust to the change in our world.

I decided to get out for a while and take Zeke with me on a little outing. Zeke has not been a traveler or alone much until recently. He doesn't know how to jump into the back of the Nissan. So this morning I decided it was time to change this little detail, not being able to jump into the vehicle. My first tactic was to talk sweet to him. This did not accomplish the task. Ok. So then I put his collar and leash on and ran him towards the open door. He only got his front two paws in. Ok a little faster this time, and yank up on the choker collar.... no go. Still only his front two paws landed inside. The third time has to be the charm. I don't know what happened exactly, but when we made the run again he turned to the left just before we got to the Nissan and he knocked me down. As I was falling in slow motion to keep from killing my back side, Zeke realized I was going down and proceeded to help me by getting on top of me. I was tangled in the leash with a hundred pound dog on top of me, my feet in the air and my tail bone hollering, "you probably broke me you old woman." And then I got mad. As best I could, and still maintain what little dignity remained, I scraped myself off the pavement, found a stick and told that dog to get in or else. Only two paws landed inside, and I had to pick up his backside and push him in. Thank goodness that later on that day I finally got him to jump in of his own accord, however I do have a very sore left hip and tailbone. Do any of you remember Wheezer and her dog in the movie Steel Magnolias? I reminded myself of Wheezer.
My problem with the nasty little pest has been resolved, but it has been a battle. The first thing I decided to do was close all of my windows and just use the fans. I spent one day with the windows closed and decided I could not take the stale air nor the sweat pouring off of my body by the buckets, even if it did keep the geckos out. My next tact was to fill a spray bottle with vinegar and wait for the noise. I became a very good shot with a spray bottle, but the problem after I knocked them off the wall or ceiling was catching them and throwing them outside. They could still run even though they were drugged with vinegar. Then a friend told me she uses those sticky, gooey mouse traps to catch them. Ahh, the perfect thing. So I made a trip to town, purchased several boxes and strategically placed them in the window sills. Then I closed the windows partially and waited. You have to do this at night. The next 3 nights I caught 10 geckos. (No, I did not kill them before I threw them into the trash. ) Roxana (my friend here in Playa Azul) told me they are like the bothersome neighbor, they always come back. I have to keep the sticky traps out at all times. At least for now, until someone invents a gecko trap, the problem is under control.


God is blessing us with visitors to our group and on Sunday morning. Gina and Salvador are planning to be baptised next month. I am meeting a lot of people in Playa Azul. Many of them are active in their religious traditions. Today I was asked when I was going to start a group in our home. There is interest, and I am sure that God will lead us to those hearts that are searching for Jesus and something more than just religious tradition.

News From Mexico City and Our Personal Lives.

I have had some really wonderful news from Jacob and Amanda. The next church plant is about to take place in November. It has been a dream of ours for a very long time that the next congregation would be in Ecatepec. God has been leading us along that path for a very long time, and now it is about to become a reality. Billy and I have been so blessed in our lives to be used as church planters. We still pray, hope, and dream that this is still God's purpose for us. We are losing the majority of our support and sponsorship in October. We need your prayers, new supporters and a new sponsor. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and any help that you might be able to assist us with. God is good and has always provided for us.

We have been so blessed these last seven years with our present sponsor, but because of recent circumstances a new beginning is needed all around. We thank North Heights from the bottom of our hearts for their love, care, support, prayers and commitment to the Mexico City Mission Project. May God's richest blessings be on you as you continue to seek and save the lost in a new direction.

Prayer Requests:
  • Our support and sponsorship
  • New church plant In Ecatepec
  • Billy's Continued Progress
  • Families affected by addictions and alcohol that aren't getting any help
  • New christians in Lazaro Cardenas and Mexico City
  • New small group in our home in Playa Azul
  • Our two new grandchildren /due in November 2007 and May 2008

Blessings to one and all,

Belinda and Billy Moore


Carolyn said...


Sorry to hear about Isaac.

I love your updates - your stories make me laugh. Beautiful pictures too. We will have to come and visit. Will we see you at the missionary retreat?

Know that we love you guys and are remembering you in prayer!

God bless your day today,

LaPistolera said...

Thanks! Yes! We miss Isaac... he is chasing birds and butterflies in a place that has no pain... dog heaven.

Dalit said...

I enjoyed your blog!
It sounds hard, but you are enduring... what an example!

We love you! Sad for Isaac... sorry about that!
Love 'ya

flee said...

Oh Belinda, I was so sad to hear about Isaac. He was a good dog, even tho he liked to bite! Sure hope you get that gecko problem under control. That would drive me nuts too. Hope all else is well for you guys! Much love to you!


LaPistolera said...

Hey Flee good to hear from you...
You adjusted to Arkansas? How about those tick and chiggers?

Dalit you are for certain an encourager. Thank you so much.

Blessings, Belinda

Jessica Smith said...

I left a comment on your site, but didn't leave anyway for you to write back if you wanted. Here's my email:

I read to the end of this blog and saw that you requested prayers for families who are effected by addiction and alcohol--my family has, for all of my life. The thing I am most thankful for is how God grows and provides, even in the midst of confusion. Love in Him, Jessica

LaPistolera said...

Jessica, thanks for commenting. I will write you a personal e-mail. I am a faithful member of Al-Anon and it has made a huge difference in my life. Blessings Belinda

thejourneyman said...

Hey Mama Bear,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I want you to know that I love you and Billy so much. You have been such a blessing to my life. You are in my prayers.

Kelly and I are excited about a move to Bakersfield, CA. It can't happen soon enough. We are just waiting for the house to sell and we are outta here. Bartlesville has been interesting. We are definitely ready for new horizons.

Love ya,

Doug "I likes 'em big" Oakes ;)

Cheesetown said...

Tag, your it! Check out my blog for details...