Tuesday, November 13, 2007

People and Things Born of The Water

People Born of the Water
Georgina and Salvador were born of the water on this great day, and it also was the day that Billy arrived home. It was a very special day! I praise God for miracles,his great love, his mercy, and his patience. I have been so blessed by the friendship of these two people; and now that they are our brother and sister, it is so beautiful. Our relationship began years ago because of Pedro Marin who has been a part of the church in Mexico City for a very long time. Pedro and Gina are brother and sister. When the Pointons first arrived here in Lazaro Cardenas it was Gina and Salvador who helped them find their house and get settled in. I think they could probably write a very humorous book about all of the silly things we gringos do while learning to live in this place, especially me. God has used many people to bring them into his kingdom, and we are all so very blessed to be a part of the process.

Creatures Born of the Water and Sand

Last month Playa Azul celebrated the turtle. They have a festival every year to raise public awareness of the plight of the turtle. There are three classes of the seven types of sea turtles in Mexico that make their nesting at the beaches of Michoacán: the Golfina, the Black and the Laúd. These turtles return to these same beaches every year to deposit their eggs where they were born. This miracalous event occurs annually between the months of October and March. Now if that isn't a God thing then what is?

Annual Mexico Missionary Retreat

This year we met in Zihuatanejo, Guererro. It was a time of renewing friendships, renewing the heart and soul and lots of play for the kids. Parents were worn out afterwards but it is always worth it. The most amazing things occured this time that I had not seen in other retreats...the kids... they are getting older now and making friends with the other kids from other mission points. The bonding was wonderful and if their parents stay here a few more years they will all probably be life long friends.

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Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!


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