Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hello New Year

Can you believe another year has come and gone and that you once again survived the holiday season? We carried our tradition of the annual Posada over to the coast. As usual we had the traditional ponche, lots of good food, piƱatas loaded with candy, and sweets for the kids. We were about 45 five in attendance. What made the night so special was the baptism of Julio. He and his wife have been a part of our fellowhsip for about five months. Glenn, Carolina, Alison and Lex have given their lives to this couple. God is good and gives the increase. Check out the slide presentation below of that lovely, balmy evening.

January 2008

We have all been busy getting back into the swing of things after traveling and the holiday season. Malcolm, Tammy and Jordan traveled to Big Spring to be with family, and we visited family in Fort Worth and our kids in Lubbock. While the Pointons were in Lubbock, Jordan was baptized. This is Jordan; he is so cute and nice.

Billy and I are in a maturing study with Salvador and Gina. They were added to the kingdom last October. Gina told me yesterday that she always carries her Bible and notebook with her while she is out and about so she can study and read. She puts me to shame and encourages me at the same time.

We are in the planning stages of beginning a new home group in our home. Today we asked Julio and Maya to be a part of the study. They are both orginally from Playa Azul.

Billy and Malcolm are taking turns preaching on Sundays. While we were gone the congregation did a great job in filling in the gaps. The body is blessed with talented members. They just need some maturing and time in the Word.


We had a great time with the family. Our new baby boy is precious. It was so much fun to see the older ones love on the babies. Madison is the queen, Adah the princess, Landon the sunami wrestler, and little Billy the pirate (he plunders things). Noah and Caleb will show us their special names when the time is right, but right now Noah hollers all of the time. Maybe he will be the auctioneer . . . I think he has the voice for it. Amberlee and Brian's baby will be born in May. It is a boy. Madison really wanted a sister. Boys are good. Madison and Adah will have to be the glue that keeps this clan stuck together as they grow older. Someday we older ones will be making dirt.

Our Prayer Requests

Here are some prayer requests and thanksgivings that Billy wrote for you to consider and offer to God on our behalf. Thank you.

  • My continued recovery.
  • My AA group here in Lazaro Cardenas.
  • For my good friends in Lubbock: Roger, Peter, Stacy, Sarah and Lisa.
  • For our family. For Amberlee and her pregancy. There is a problem with the development of the new baby boy's heart. The doctor expects it to correct itself, but please pray for this.
  • For Andrew and his new work.
  • For Jessica, (our daughter-in-law), her health.
  • For all the grandkids: Madison, Adah, Landon, Billy, Noah and Caleb.
  • For Brian as he continues to search for a better job.
  • For the work here in Lazaro Cardenas and on the Pacific Coast.
  • The church continues to grow. During our absence the Mexican members conducted worship by themselves. This is tremendous for a new church.
  • Thank God for Glenn Pointon who stayed here and coordinated the worship while we were gone.
  • Pray for the spiritual growth of several new Christians who have recently been immersed into Christ. We are studying Class 201, Maturity in Christ, with Salvador and Gina.
  • Please pray for all the missionaries working here.
  • Please pray for the several churches in Mexico City. Ecatepec has recently had a new baptism and continues to grow.
  • Pray for Jacob and Amanda and their work in Mexico City. The 2008 Aim Class will be there the first of February.
  • Pray for the churches in Cuernavaca, Cuautla, Apaxco, Guadalajara, Campeche, San Miguel de Allende, Puebla and the missionaries working in these cities.
  • Please keep all of God's work in Mexico in your prayers.
  • Please pray for Ro and Rosie and their new church plant near Oaxtepec.
  • Please pray for Gerardo and Carola and their new work with children who have diabetes. Please pray for the churches in Paraguay, Peru and Argentina with which we have worked in the past.
  • Please keep the Dowells in Lima, Peru in your prayers.
  • Pray for all of God's work in Latin America. Please pray for the Lubbock church as they continue to reach out to the lost of Lubbock.
  • Please pray for the land development here in the Lazaro area as our plans to build a mission school, retreat center, leadership training center and rehab center are directly connected to the success of the land development. God has many things planned for the coastal area of Mexico. Pray that His will be done!
  • Please pray for Belinda and me and our continued growth. Pray for our support; it has taken a tremendous blow. Please also pray for our plans to become vocational missionaries in the future. We are planning to have a bed and breakfast in the house where we are now living. Please pray for these plans and that God's will be done for His glory! I know I have forgotten things but my mind has gone blank for the moment.

Please send us your prayer requests. We love each and every one of you. Vive la Vision!

Blessings to all, La Pistolera and Billy


Tammy said...

Belinda, Your family has grown and continues to grow! Congrats on the grandkids...they are precious! Adah is all grown up! If you would like to see Daniel and Victoria's two precious boys you can find the link on my web page under Mema's Place. (Jacob, the oldest, is JUST LIKE DANIEL! poor Victoria!) Love you guys! Still praying!

jomato said...

i love you and billy.

who is the composer of the music on your blog? how can i get a copy? it's beautiful.

LaPistolera said...

jomato... we love you too!
click on the guy as the music starts... it should give you his name.

LaPistolera said...

Tammy I checked out the web site.
They are precios as well.

Lalo & Jamie Rocha said...

Ya suenas mas como tu!!
Besos y abrazos...como siempre

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

hey belinda,
just make sure when you paste it into the html page that if a list of things to verify deleting comes up, don't push YES until maybe you've backed up that list and those photos that you have, and the "about me" blurb, because it will likely ask if you want to delete all of those things. . . it may not, maybe this was just particular to the new one i chose, but toni has the same one and said she lost all the same things as well. . . boohoo! so, just have your sidebar info saved elsewhere so you can easily put it back up. . . i enjoy keeping up with you through your blog!

Mike & Lucy said...

I love the picture of you and Billy with your grandkids! You are so blessed! We enjoyed spending some time with Andrew and Jessica while we were in Lubbock. They are a fun and precious couple. We will continue to lift you up before the Father!

LaPistolera said...

Now I am afraid to make any has taken me soooo long to figure this one out.