Monday, April 28, 2008

March and April /Late Again


I am late again with updates, but there is much to report, so I will get to it. During the first week of Holy Week we sponsored a group of students from Abilene Christian University. They came to work, and work they did. They painted the Deportivo in Playa Azul, the place where soccer, volley ball and other sweaty games are played. They did a great job. Thank you for coming.

The second week of Holy Week we hosted friends from Mexico City. It was so good to see the Torres, the Mendietas, and other family members.


The 2nd of April Billy and I celebrated our 36 wedding anniversary. I honestly say that there have been days this last year when I was not sure if I would make it. You never know what God is doing in you until you are called upon to demonstrate your faith and perseverance. We are learning to live one day at a time, and sometimes those days are hard ... really hard. But God is good, and I have learned that He does what He says He will do ... it may not be on my time frame, but He is true and trustworthy!

Music Work Shop

This year's music workshop was held in Morelia, Michoacan. The church "River of Life" hosted the event. We learned some great new songs, but the best part was renewing bonds with our co-laborers from other parts of Mexico.

The Vision for the Pacific Coast

The seeds for the Pacific Coast are beginning to be sown. The proclamation of the Vision has begun. Dreams and plans for what we all believe is God's will for us in this place are in motion. Kiwi Corporation is a means that God has provided to expand the Vision in an uncharted territory...the Pacific Coast.

Recently a full city block has been purchased. It will be the future home for a training center with a place for the congregation to worship. The building will have three floors with the top floor providing apartments to house future students who will come to train and learn the language. God is good. He is opening so many doors.

Family News

We are waiting any day now for Hudson Riley to be born. His due date is the 7th of May. Landon is still our tsunami..a rough and tough boy. Madison is playing softball and is doing great. She has recently received honors for her grades and citizenship in school.

Noah has been diagnosted with nystagmus. This means that his eyes move from side to side very rapidly affecting his eyesight and balance. You can go to Jacob and Amanda's blog to learn more details. He has started physical therapy to learn to do things that he doesn't do yet due to this problem. Adah has started school. I am still in shock that she is in school. We play Barbies when we are together, but I have decided that I am going to have to buy my own Barbie ... I am always the bad stepsister or the monster or something sinister. Her imagination is shocking as well.

Andrew and Jessica have made some life-changing decisions for the future. They have felt the call to become full-time church planters in Mexico. They are making preparations to further their biblical training. Little Billy is tremendous! Andrew has a new work schedule, so he is now able to put the boys to bed. Stories and lots of books are the routine before "nite nite." He had also started laying down with him. He then decided to sit quietly in a chair strategically placed near the door and wait until he was asleep. Last night he put the plan into play, stole quietly out of the room, and just as he disappeared around the corner he heard little Billy say, "oh no!" Twenty seconds later after thinking about what to do to remedy the problem, he started wailing. Caleb is our sweet smiling, temper boy. His fuse is short ... according to his mom and dad.

I love how life comes full circle, and we begin to see history repeat itself. My hope is that with each generation we make changes that bring us all closer to Jesus and break the chains of the past.

Blessings, Belinda Moore/La Pistolera


mercyshower said...

It's really neat to read about what is happening in the lives of your family, Belinda! Even though I am so new in coming on the scene of your life, it's interesting to view it through your eyes as you write honestly on this place online. From miles away I can read what's happening in your world, and that's just so neat to me. I have some other thoughts, so I will probably email you later. Lots of love, Jessica

Toni Burns said...

Belinda, I love your updates. Your family has been a blessing to my family as we have crossed paths many times in the past 12 years. Look forward to the many more times we will cross paths. You are in my prayers. Love Toni

Kara Lane said...

It is really great to hear about your work and your family. I just wanted to say hello, and know that I am still praying for you guys.

LaPistolera said...

Thanks for stopping by. Please continue to pray for us.

Kristi said...

Your update fills me with thankfulness that I know you and get to see God in your lives. Thank you for sharing and for being who you are.

Mike & Lucy said...

Thanks for your great update. Congratulations to you for the past 36 years of marriage. I can't imagine! It was good to read about your family. I am glad they are doing well and Noah has started getting some therapy. We love you all and keep you in our prayers.

tim rush said...

I was just thinking about you guys today and wanted you to know that you are in my heart and prayers.


PS--Karsyn has a little girl mumu that reminds me of your favorite beach attire. It always makes me think about you.