Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can I survive this?

Today I am wondering if I can survive this pain. I am heartsick for Jacob and Amanda. No parent should have to watch their children suffer at the possibility of losing a child of their own. I have often thought to myself that I can endure just about anything except for some tragedy concerning a grandchild. And low and behold here I am in the middle of something that I said I could never endure. Who can understand it? Tomorrow I am going back to Playa Azul and carry on with my work. No matter what happens I know one thing for sure and that God is in control. We are in the eye of a hurricane and Jesus is keeping watch over us. We just have to keep looking up at the eye and know that today is all we have to live.

This is an incredible photo of an eye of a hurricane. It looks like God looking down on us in the midst of all this crap and saying...Be still and wait and know that I am God.

In the Eye of Felix 2 by LRandyB
Once in the eye, the view was breath taking even at night. The moon had just risen over the top of the eyewall and lightning lit up the eyewall all around us.


Mike & Lucy said...

We are still praying. Only with God can you survive. But you know that. Keep holding close to Him, your family, and your Christian family.

Tammy said...

I know the 'double whammy' of a grandchild with a terminal condition. When we found out that David's son, Kaleb, had CF, I hurt for my grandson AND for my son in such a way I couldn't even breathe. Waiting on God to help seemed too long and too hard. Looking back I know He held all of us in a way that only a loving God could. And learning to praise Him during the hard times was not a thing I wanted to do, but I chose to do it. By choosing prayer and praise He lifted me out of the dark and into his life. It still is a daily choice. Please know, Belinda, that you and your whole family is in my prayers daily. I love you!

Toni Burns said...

Belinda, for a while now I can't keep your family out of my thoughts and prayers. I am constantly thinking about you guys and your faith. I praise God for all He has done in your life.
I don't think I have ever knocked so much on God's door for anything as much as I have for Noah. The missionaries and members in Guadalajara are constantly lifting you guys before God. We love you. Toni

Chris said...

You are so special to us and Noah has been on our hearts for a while now. Thank you for your demonstration of what it is to be faithful as He is faithful.