Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't Buy On The Fly

I am still having creature problems. I had this beautiful little blue and green bird that I bought last November. While I was pratically running through the market I saw this lovely little bird out of the corner of my eye. I wanted it. My canary had just been killled by a cat, and I missed the songs. So I bought it without really checking him out and because I was told it was a canary. It was not a canary. It never sang one note or trill on the way home. I listened carefully because I was carrying it in a brown paper bag about the size of a lunch sack. Maybe that scared the song
out of him. Anyway, I got him home and placed the bag in the bird cage and waited for him to emerge. He hopped right out as well as another one that was brown with hints of green and gold. Oh man was I mad. I got a good look at him and realized that it was not a canary and the other one sure enough wasn't either. All they did was hop and hop and hop and hop some more. Soon we became friends, and he was so pretty to look at.

Two weeks ago I was sitting at this laptop working on my gallery blog when I kept noticing this black fluttering around the cage. I finally got up to see what the thing was, and one of those horrible black birds was pecking away at my little blue guy and had him nearly out of the cage. It made me sick to my stomach. I thought he was dead, but he wasn't. I took him out of the cage and put him in a basket with a nice clean cloth and gave him some water with a syringe. He perked up. I decided he might live after he got over the shock. That night I put him back in the cage all confident that he was going to be ok. I had covered the cage with a huge towel because that durn old black bird was still around. The first thing I did the next morning ... before coffee ... was go check out the little guy. He was dead. The ants had killed him and nearly pulled him out of the cage. I just could not believe it. Never put a sick bird in a cage if you live where ants rule!

Then Rosy decided to fly off into the yard and landed in the pool. Did you know that parrots can swim? Well, she flapped her wings until she got to the edge of the pool. I scooped her out of the water. Needless to say she was really subdued after her swimming adventure.

Zeke had to go to the vet for an ear infection. I had to go to town five days in a row. It took two hours to vaccum his hair out of the car after the five days.

Erika's Baptism

I mentioned in the last blog that I wanted to share with you the family that Gina and Salvador have been working with for a long time. After a year of gaining their confidence, they agreed to let us come and spend time with them singing and reading the word. Their lives are hard. Their lives are simple as far as material possessions go. They are coal makers. If someone wants land cleared ... they do the work and then turn wood into charcoal.

Santiago and his family are baptized believers, but Erika wasn't until a few weeks ago. On Thursday afternoons many months back Billy and I began going with Salvador and Gina to just hang out and talk about Jesus. I continue to go as a mentor and teacher. God has used this time for many things. As well as sharing the gospel, others are being trained. Last week was planted the seed or dream of inviting the surrounding neighbors for a day of praise and worship under their trees some Sunday afternoon.

A Day In The Country

Family News

Hey what do you think about this group of kids? They are my pride and joy. From the left: Landon, Caleb, Billy, Noah, Hudson (in Madison's lap), Madison, and Adah. It was a miracle to get them all looking at the camera at the same time. I will be traveling to the states sometime in September. I have business to attend to and some long over due play time. It has been almost nine months since I was last there. I haven't met Hudson yet. Please continue to pray for Billy and Noah. Noah is doing well. Every day is a blessing, and God is good and to be praised. We are truly learning that God has the final word in every area of our lives.

Prayer Requests
  • For my support. I have lost a lump sum and need you prayers that God show me what it is He wants me to do. I am needed here, and that is not just me talking. Even with Billy in the States my needs and expenses have not decreased. I have had a lot of extra expenses with the car and computer problems. Also pray that extra blessings come as I prepare to travel.
  • We are still asking God for a miracle concerning Noah.
  • Please keep Billy in your prayers as he fights to regain his life.
  • Satan is attacking hard the lives of the people in this area and within the church. There has been a lot violence lately due to drugs and alcohol etc. Pray for my continued protection as I come and go.
  • I have a lot of friends who are searching for truth. Pray that God gives me the wisdom to know how to be bold but gentle at the same time.
  • Ask God to bless the Shell Seeker Gallery.
I thank each and everyone of you who are praying for us. I know that it is because of your prayers that we are at peace. My brother-in-law Derrel is a good man. He told me this the other day, "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, and that is why it is called the present."

God bless you all, Belinda


Kara Lane said...

Hey Belinda, I am praying for you and the family. As I was looking at the pictures, I was thinking how grateful you must be to a such a convenient place for baptisms. One of my funniest memories is trying to fill a kiddie pool in Abel and Blanca's house for some baptisms. It was taking so long, so a few of us sat in it to make the water higher. Then when we were all finished, Abelito just folded the sides down and dumped water all over the floor, thinking it would run out the door. It made a huge watery mess, but at least souls were saved that day.
It is nice that you have a pool, but it is great to get to use it for such a worthy purpose.

LaPistolera said...

I can't remember who that was...baptized inteh kiddie pool? I went to Las Gatas Saturday... saw the bungalo were we all stayed..and someone we know wanted someone else to bring him a glass of coke with ice. Remember? have a blessed day

Kara Lane said...
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Kara Lane said...

Good times, for sure that day with the baptism it was Abelito and Juan, the cousin. It seems like there was someone else, but I don't remember. Where was that beach house we stayed at? That was my favorite vacation. Except for the part where we were all caught in the rip tide and rescued by surfers.

James and Erin Henderson said...

Belinda, Hey, I'm so sorry to hear that your bird died! We can get pretty attached to those little friends! Seems like the pets are keeping you busy! That's part of why I'm resisting getting one. We sure enjoyed seeing Jacob, Amanda, Adah, and Noah while they were here. I thinkt that Caleb will be at preschool with Landon, so maybe I'll run into Amberlee there. I hope we can see you when you're here. We love you!

LaPistolera said...

That was at Troncones just north of Zihuatanejo... the place I am talking about was at Owen's cabins where we had to take a boat to get to it.